Introducing injectable cosmetic treatments

13th, November 2015

Why does skin age?Ageing skin and wrinkles result from a combination of many factors. It’s not just about cellular changes, collagen depletion, hormone loss, or damage caused by free radicals.

Injectable cosmetic treatments are now available at Kingsbridge Private Hospital in Belfast. 

Below we answer some common questions around injectable treatments:


Why does skin age?

Ageing skin and wrinkles result from a combination of many factors. It’s not just about cellular changes, collagen depletion, hormone loss, or damage caused by free radicals. The 11s – those vertical lines that appear between your brows – result from muscle contractions. When you concentrate, squint, or frown, the muscles between your brows contract, causing your skin to furrow and fold. After years of frequent contraction, those wrinkles can linger even after the muscles are at rest.


What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in people 18 to 65 years of age for a short period of time (temporary).

BOTOX® Cosmetic is administered by a healthcare professional as a simple, nonsurgical treatment that is injected directly into the muscles between the brows. It works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. This reduces muscle activity that causes moderate to severe lines to form between the brows although individual results may vary.


How quickly do you see results from BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Within days, you may see a marked improvement in the moderate-to-severe frown lines between your brows. Lines continue to improve for up to 30 days, and results can last for up to 4 months although individual results may vary.


Is treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic painful?

Discomfort is usually minimal and brief. Prior to injection, your physician may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anaesthetic cream. The entire procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. Most patients are in and out of the physician’s office without downtime following BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment.


Will I still be able to make facial expressions?

Although the results are visible, a treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) will not radically change your facial appearance or make you look as if you’ve “had work done.” The muscle activity that causes frown lines between the brows is temporarily reduced, so you can still frown or look surprised without the wrinkles and creases between your brows.


What will happen to the moderate to severe frown lines between my brows if I choose not to continue treatments?

If you do not continue treatments, the moderate-to-severe frown lines between your brows will gradually return to the way they looked before treatment.


Do treatment results differ?

Yes, individual results may vary. To get the best results, it's important to go to a doctor who is experienced in administering BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Cosmetech Clinics are Consultant Surgeon led.  We are proud to say that Dr Songra is also on the Anti-wrinkle Validator panel of experts for the UK that assesses safety standards and the ability of practitioners in administering injectable cosmetic treatments.


What is the next step?

Before deciding to have a cosmetic treatment such as Botox or dermal fillers we would urge anyone interested to be cautious and make an informed decision with advice from a medical expert.  For this reason we provide a complimentary consultation as part of our service.

All 3fivetwo Group cosmetic treatments provided at Kingsbridge Private Hospital or Cosmetech in Holywood, Co. Down are carried out by a medical professional.

For more information or to book a complimentary consultation please call us on 028 90 423200 or email



If you are a medical professional interested in providing cosmetic injectable treatments then 3fivetwo Training Academy run a Botox and Dermal Filler Foundation Course.  The next course runs on 30th January 2016, for more information and to book please follow the below link:

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