Stay Health Keen in 2017!

4th, January 2017

Our healthy New Year’s resolutions are often dropped a few weeks into the new year. However, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure you stick to your goals.


Our healthy New Year’s resolutions are often dropped a few weeks into the new year.  However, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure you stick to your goals.


Whilst friends are toing and froing between cutting out chocolate completely and running every morning, make your changes manageable and small, ones which can be stuck to.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle isn’t about reaching one ultimate goal, it is about reaching small milestones and even though there may be a few hiccups along the way they are no reason to quit completely as long as you stick to your goals.


So to help you kick start 2017, we have put together 5 ways that the 3fivetwo Group can help you achieve your goals.


  1. Personal Dietician


Whether you’re looking to lose some excess Christmas holiday weight or change your diet and lifestyle to regain youthful fitness we can help.


At the 3fivetwo Group we have a dedicated team of diet and nutrition experts who can help put together a fully personalised new diet and lifestyle plan.   To find out more about our Dietitian Service please click here.



  1. Weight-loss


Many of us over indulge during the festive season and put on a bit of weight, but if you have struggled with weight issues for an extended period of time then this year could be the year to change that.


If your BMI is 35+ and you have already tried non-surgical weight loss methods, then you may consider a surgical option.  In early 2017 we will be introducing new bariatric services offering gastric bypasses and gastric sleeves.  Keep an eye on our facebook page and website to find out more about this new service. 



  1. Health checks


Year on year we take our cars for an MOT, yet we rarely take ourselves for one. Whilst a new diet and exercise regime may help us feel and look fit on the outside, it’s just as important to check everything’s ok on the inside. 


Our Health Screen packages include a full body composite overview which measures and analyses metrics such as your BMI and body fat percentage.    Full lips profiles and diabetes checks are also included along with a range of other tests.   You can also opt from a MRI screening as part of our Total Body package.


 To find out more about our Health Screen packages and what is included click here.




  1. Eyesight


Many of us neglect getting our eyes looked at regularly as we think the odd blur or strain is normal.  And in the dark Winter months’ eye strain can occur more often when driving as visibility is reduced. 

Regular eye checks can ensure health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure are detected early.  


At Sweeney Opticians, part of the 3fivetwo Group, we offer 4D eye scans which can aid in the detection of macular degeneration and glaucoma.  By keeping check-ups regular you can improve your chances of catching any underlying issues early.   


To find out more about your eye tests and 4D scans please click here.


  1. Sport Injury


Has a niggling knee injury been pestering you the past few seasons?  Or maybe there’s a pain in your arm that has kept you off the court, whatever the injury that’s been frustrating you this Winter don’t let it keep you back any longer.


At Kingsbridge Private Hospital, our National Sports Clinic offers rapid access to X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI and CT scanning.  Our team of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Consultants are on hand to help you through the assessment, surgery and rehabilitation processes, all under the one roof.


To find out more about the National Sports Clinic click here.


Take the step today and make lifelong changes for the better.


For more information, please visit:


Or call: 0845 60 06 352

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