Cross-Border Health FAQs

Brexit Update: The EU Healthcare Directive has now been replaced with the Northern Ireland Planned Healthcare Scheme.
Read our frequently asked questions to learn about the EU Directive, waiting lists and travel costs etc.

Cross-Border Patients
What is the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive Directive?

EU legislation means that you have the right to receive medical treatment in another EU member state and skip the HSE waiting list. The HSE will pay the bill.

Do you provide assistance in completing HSE forms for treatment reimbursement under the Cross-border Health Scheme?

Our dedicated One2One team in Belfast will be there every step of the way for Cross-Border patients and will assist in the completion of HSE forms and explain the process in full.

Who can qualify for the Cross Border Healthcare Directive?

CBD treatment is only available to Irish residents who qualify for public health care. 

Having private health insurance does not exclude you from CBD. But you cannot use your private health insurance to access your referral for healthcare abroad.

Only a GP or a consultant you are attending in a public capacity can refer you for CBD treatment.

You must travel abroad. You cannot use telemedicine, for example an outpatient consultation abroad by Skype or video, at any time during the CBD process.

You do NOT need to be on a waiting list to become eligible for this scheme, it is open to any citizen.

What types of healthcare are covered under the Directive?

You can get healthcare in other EU Countries if you qualify for that healthcare as a public patient in Ireland.

Your GP or consultant can tell you if the healthcare you want to get abroad is publicly available in Ireland and if you qualify for it.

There is no list of specific healthcare you can get abroad under CBD.

Generally, if the healthcare is available publicly in Ireland, you can be referred for the same healthcare abroad. But there is some specific healthcare that are not covered by the scheme.

What types of healthcare are NOT covered under the CBD?

  • organ transplants
  • any long-term care that helps people do everyday tasks such as nursing home care
  • vaccination against infectious diseases
  • clinical trials
  • drug therapies that aren't currently provided publicly in Ireland

Do I need to be on a waiting list?

No. The cross-border health scheme is open to any person that would be entitled to treatment in an Irish hospital.

How much will I be reimbursed after receiving a treatment abroad?

Patients will be reimbursed the same amount as they would receive in their own country for the same type of healthcare. If the treatment abroad is cheaper than in the home country, the reimbursement will reflect the real price of the treatment.

How will I know what the costs for my treatment would be in an Irish hospital?

Our dedicated Cross-Border Healthcare Team will be available to advise on what treatments are covered, treatment costs and the reimbursement amount. They will guide you through the simple steps involved to start the process to get you treated quickly and conveniently at our Belfast hospital and will liaise with the HSE on your behalf.
Phone 048 9068 8858 today to speak to our One2One Patient Advisor, at Belfast’s Kingsbridge Private Hospital, who will talk you through what’s involved to get you off the waiting list and get your treatment started. Alternatively, email for more information or to arrange a call-back.

What about “after-care”?

Depending on your treatment you will be advised on the after-care program.

Do I have to tell my G.P?

Although going abroad for medical treatment is your choice and decision, it is a good idea to inform you G.P. of your proposed treatment.  Your G.P. may be a point of contact with the after-care in which you receive when you return home.

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