HSE Partnerships

For those patients who have been referred by HSE for a clinical assessment

Patient Information

3fivetwo Healthcare manages all our public health sector contract work or waiting list initiative work as it is sometimes known. 

Waiting List Initiatives are used by the HSE (under the NTPF programme) to try and reduce the waiting times for patients.

Since 2003, 3fivetwo Healthcare has been delivering a full range of medical and surgical services both privately and in partnership with the public healthcare sector. We offer consultations, scanning, investigations and surgery, for a wide range of specialties.

3fivetwo Healthcare is committed to providing the highest levels of care to each and every individual who crosses our door via our dedicated network of highly respected Consultants, Doctors and Nurses.

NTPF patients will be contacted by phone or letter and offered a date for the required procedure or consultation.
What our patients say;
“This is a prime example of excellent healthcare”.
“It was such a good experience from the moment I came in I felt at home.  The care I was given was unbelievable”.
“I was very happy with my stay here and the staff were all very attentive and caring.  I was treated with dignity and respect.”

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