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At the core of everything we do at Kingsbridge Private Hospital is the understanding that your health is of paramount importance

Identifying & Treating The Causes Of Pain

Pain Clinic

Rapid access to endoscopy & colonoscopy

Scope Prodecures

Cataract Surgery Clinic

Restore your vision with laser cataract surgery

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Cataract Surgery

Paying For Your Treatment

Our dedicated patient pathway team are always on hand to answer queries. Whether you are Paying Yourself or using Private Medical Insurance.
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Cross-Border Patients

Are you on the HSE waiting list in Ireland? Receive free treatment in Belfast.

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Insured Patients Journey

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GP Referrel Required
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Book Consultation
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Test/Diagnosis Results
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Patient Treatment
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Self Funded Patients Journey

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GP Referrel Required
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Book Consultation
Test/Diagnosis Results
Test/Diagnosis Results
Treatment Booked
Treatment Booked
Patient Treatment
Patient Treatment

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