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Vaginoplasty is a procedure that is available at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.

The aim of vaginoplasty surgery is to enhance the feelings of sexual gratification and should allow you to receive and give more pleasure during sexual intercourse with your partner.

This procedure is commonly known as a ‘designer vagina’ but it is a cosmetic procedure that can have much benefit for women, especially those who have experienced childbirth and as a result have weak or loose vaginal muscles.

For many women this can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition which can lead to sexual difficulties or dissatisfaction.

In some cases exercise can help improve the vaginal muscles but the aim of this surgery is to improve the overall tone of the vagina by tightening vaginal muscles and the supporting tissues.

What is involved in vaginoplasty surgery?

Vaginoplasty will help to tone the vaginal muscles. After the procedure you should have greater strength, contraction, and control. The stretched muscle at the back of the vagina is joined together and shortened with dissolvable stitches. Unwanted skin is also removed during the procedure at Kingsbridge Private Hospital. This will help to tighten the vaginal muscles and the surrounding soft tissues by reducing the excess vaginal lining. Scarring is inside the vagina.

How long does the procedure take?

Vaginal tightening is performed under general anaesthetic which means you will be asleep and will not feel any pain. Local anaesthetic may be used but you will be sedated during the operation.

The procedure will normally take about one hour to finish and may require you to stay at the hospital overnight.

Am I suitable for vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty surgery is used to help improve the tone of the vagina by tightening the vaginal muscles and its supporting tissues.

You may be suitable for vaginoplasty if you are a woman who:

  • wants to restore self-esteem and self-confidence
  • suffers from stress incontinence, this is the involuntary loss of urine while coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, or during sexual intercourse

Women who are pregnant are not suitable for a vaginoplasty. However, after childbirth, women usually go through this procedure. It is usually recommended that you wait one year after childbirth before considering this type of surgery but this can be discussed at your consultation.

What are some of the things I can expect after surgery?

All surgeries have their benefits and they also have their limitations. After a vaginal tightening procedure, there is an immediate decrease in the diameter of the vagina. There will also be an increase in the tightness of the vaginal muscles. This will help to restore the vagina and its supporting structures to a pre-pregnancy state.

Recovering from surgery

Healing rates will vary from person to person. You are going to be sore and swollen after the surgery. You will be able to walk comfortably after a few days and you may even resume sexual activities after a month and a half. You should be able to return to work after a week from the surgery. The final result will be seen in around two to three weeks after your surgery.

What are the risks?

Like all surgical procedures, there will be risks involved. During a vaginoplasty, there is always a risk for complications. Complications are rare but include:

  • an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic
  • bleeding and haematoma

Risks can be increased in patients who smoke, are overweight, have diabetes, or other health problems.

Will there be scarring after surgery?

Since incisions will be required during the vaginal tightening, some scarring may result. However, your cosmetic surgeon at Kingsbridge Private Hospital will do the best in making sure that the incisions are placed in discreet locations. Your surgeon will try to make the incisions inside the vagina or in a natural crease or fold in the area. With proper care, these scars will eventually fade and become barely noticeable.

Other things that you should consider?

Vaginoplasty can certainly help to remove a woman’s sense of discomfort. There are times where weakened muscles in the vagina can create a rubbing or pulling sensation. This happens especially when a woman wears tight fitting clothes. After a vaginoplasty this feeling will be gone.

Can a vaginoplasty help with a prolapsed pelvis?

Vaginoplasty surgery can offer real relief to women with a prolapsed pelvis. This condition results from the weakening of the muscles at the base of the pelvis area. The weakening of the muscles causes the pelvis to press on the vagina and can be very uncomfortable. So much pressure on the region of vagina will create prolonged discomfort.

Can vaginoplasty be combined with other surgery?

Vaginoplasty can be performed alone or it can be combined with other aesthetic genitalia procedures like labiaplasty which is the surgical removal of reconstruction of the outer or inner lips of the vagina.

What is the first step in getting a vaginoplasty

The first step to deciding on surgery is to have an appointment with a surgeon at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.

During your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will be able to understand how the procedure will be performed, what risks are involved in the procedure, the benefits that you can expect from the procedure, the costs of the procedure, any complications that may arise due to your medical history, your suitability for the procedure, and whether you are psychologically and emotionally stable enough to go through such procedures.

What should you do when you get home after a vaginoplasty?

After the vaginoplasty, you should make sure that there is someone to take you home from Kingsbridge Private Hospital. You should not drive after having this procedure until informed to do so by your surgeon.

You will be sore after the vaginoplasty and a little bit swollen. After a vaginoplasty, you do not need to remove the sutures because they are dissolvable. You will be able to walk comfortably after a few days.

When will you be able to have sexual intercourse?

You will be able to resume penetrative sexual intercourse after two months.

When will you be able to return to work?

Recovery time will vary from patient to patient. Some patients will be able to return to work after two to three weeks while others will take more than month before they resume work.

It is important that you are physically fit before the procedure to help your recovery. Women who are in shape will heal faster than women who are out of shape.

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