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A Vasectomy (male sterilisation) is the only method offering men a permanent contraception solution with over 99% effectiveness.  

Kingsbridge Private Hospital offers an easy same-day service for men who have opted to have a vasectomy (male sterilisation) in our private medical rooms. A vasectomy does not require an overnight stay and men opting to have a vasectomy will be reassured to know that the procedure is usually carried out in around 10 minutes by our experts. 

Before choosing to have a vasectomy it is important to be sure that it is right for you. Vasectomies are reversible under some conditions but success is not guaranteed and surgery is required in order to perform a reversal. For this reason it is important to look at a vasectomy as a permanent contraceptive method. 

A vasectomy may be appropriate for you if:

  • You and your partner do not plan to have any more children.
  • You and your partner don’t want to have children and you can’t or don’t want to use temporary methods of family planning.
  • You want a permanent, one time method of contraception.
  • You (or your partner) have a medical condition that limits the use of other family planning methods.
  • You want to enjoy sex without fear of pregnancy. 

How Is A Vasectomy Performed?

A vasectomy is performed by one of our experts at our hospital. It is extremely quick and straightforward and is performed on the same day. The procedure involves sealing the vas deferens tubes that carry sperm. This stops sperm entering ejaculated fluid and the male sterilisation process is complete.  The vasectomy is carried out under local anaesthetic, taking about 10 minutes to complete and you will not need any stitches. 

Will Vasectomy Affect My Sex Drive?

A vasectomy will not affect your sex drive. The procedure does not affect the production of male hormones in the body. Following a vasectomy a man will continue to enjoy sex, and produce the same amount of fluid when he ejaculates. The only difference is that ejaculate will no longer contain sperm. 

How Effective Is A Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is over 99% effective, so it and female sterilisation are the most reliable forms of contraception. After a vasectomy samples are required to ensure that the vasectomy has been successful. 

During this period it is recommended that you use an alternative form of contraception such as condoms to prevent the risk of an unplanned pregnancy. Once your samples show no sperm, you can stop using alternative contraceptives. 

Remember, a vasectomy offers no protection against sexually transmitted infections or HIV/AIDS. 

Any Other Considerations?

  • You will need to avoid contact sports and heavy physical exercise for at least four weeks after a vasectomy
  • You will also need to avoid short haul flights for 48 hours and long haul flights for 7-10 days after a vasectomy 

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