EU Healthcare Directive

The EU Healthcare Directive has now been replaced with the Northern Ireland Planned Healthcare Scheme. If you are entitled to public health services in Ireland and you choose to access those services in Northern Ireland you can be reimbursed by the HSE for the costs incurred.

Cross-Border Patients

What Is The Cross Border Healthcare Directive?

The Cross Border Healthcare Directive (CBD) was a piece of EU legislation that entitled patients in Ireland to avail of faster treatment or surgery across the border in Northern Ireland or in any other EU state. This is now operating under new legislation as the Northern Ireland Planned Healthcare Scheme. So, access to Cross Border Healthcare in Northern Ireland for patients from the Republic of Ireland will continue as normal under the NEW NI Planned Healthcare Scheme throughout 2021.
Patients looking to avail of faster treatment or surgery across the border in NI will be able to follow the same pathway as under the previous healthcare plan and will be granted reimbursement of their treatment costs through the HSE.

Phone 048 9068 8858 today to speak to our One2One Patient Advisor, at Belfast’s Kingsbridge Private Hospital, who can provide all the information you require to get your treatment started.

GPs who wish to refer a patient to Kingsbridge Private Hospital for services provided under the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive can refer patients using the GP E-Referral.

How the process works

The patient contacts the Kingsbridge Private Hospital Cross Border Team by 048 9068 8858 or by emailing

Patient will be assigned to a specific consultant, and provided with a date, time and location for their appointment. This will also be confirmed in a letter by email/post.

Patient visits their own GP to have their referral letter addressed specifically to a Kingsbridge Private Hospital Consultant. The patient should obtain a copy of any recent (6 months) x-rays/scans.

Patient attends Kingsbridge Private Hospital appointment where all paperwork will be arranged for submission to the HSE. For inpatient surgery, approval is usually granted by letter within 4 weeks. For day cases e.g. cataracts, there is no need for prior approval.

The patient then contacts Kingsbridge Private Hospital to arrange a surgery date along with payment options. Payment is settled 5 days before admission date.

Patient attends for surgery and is discharged with pro forma invoice to be posted to the HSE for reimbursement (generally within 4 - 6 weeks), post-op discharge plan, and any relevant information required should patient experience post-op complications.

If you are entitled to public health services in Ireland and you choose to access those services in Northern Ireland you can be reimbursed by the HSE for the costs incurred

What Healthcare Treatments Are Covered Under The Scheme?

Your referring clinician will be able to advise if the service you are seeking to access abroad is covered by the provisions of the Cross Border Healthcare scheme.

Treatments covered include current services provided by the HSE that you would access in a hospital or county clinic environment.

Examples of healthcare that is available under the scheme include:

  • Day, in-patient and outpatient care in acute hospital services, including MRI and CT scans
  • Cardiac services
  • Orthopaedic services, including surgery for hip, back and knee conditions
  • Ophthalmic services (eye conditions)
  • Physiotherapy services

Some health services are not included, for example, organ transplantation and long-term care such as nursing home care.

At the current time cardiac surgery, cancer treatments and paediatric surgery for under 14s is not available at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.

Patient Testimonials

"Please do not remain in pain. If it’s not for yourself, maybe it's a relative or friend, maybe a neighbour you see struggling every day, whoever it may be, please tell them about the Cross Border Health Treatment. Yes, you need the money up front, but the wonderful thing about this EU Directive is that HSE will reimburse most of the monies, leaving you with only the shortfall to cover. DON'T REMAIN IN PAIN! Make that call to Patrice or Joanna and get your life back!" Mrs Sheils, Co Dublin
"I couldn't speak highly enough about this excellent facility. I had the procedure done under the Cross border health initiative. This initiative is a no brainer as you are reimbursed almost totally by HSE. You do have to put the money for the op up front and that may be an issue but if you can raise it in some way then don’t suffer any longer my reason for bringing this to attention is that it is not advertised and that is a shame, Kingsbridge private hospital will bring you through the entire process." Mr McGarrell , Cavan
"I thought about want I wanted to write for a few days because it is important to me that I do justice to my visit and subsequent stay at Kingsbridge Hospital. From making my initial enquiry through to surgery and aftercare I experienced kindness, professionalism, encouragement, attention to detail. Every single member of staff was excellent, I have never felt so well cared for and in such luxurious surroundings. The food was amazing! Kingsbridge radiates excellence in care from phone call to aftercare. Thank-you." Ms McLoughlin , Co Dublin
"My eye sight deteriorated rapidly so I called Kingsbridge Private Hospital they were able to guide me through the whole process from beginning to end.  My appointment was booked for the following week and I had surgery on both eyes a month later and I couldn’t be happier.
Thank-you to all the staff at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.  I would also like to say a huge thank-you to my Consultant and that my eyesight now is wonderful." Ms Brennan , Co. Monaghan
"Excellent Care, friendly caring staff, good facilities. The Cross Border Health Directive was quick, efficient, easy to navigate and staff were lovely to deal with." Ms O’Driscoll, Co Cork
"Good experience, good hospital, good staff!" Mr Ryan, Co Leitrim
"I was delighted with my experience, very quick and easy to work with both sides (Kingsbridge Hospital & HSE) Happy with everything. Thank-you." Ms Corcoran , Co Kildare
"From the moment I attended the clinic to my operation I got 5-star treatment in every way. I have, and I will continue to recommend Kingsbridge Private Hospital and the Cross Border Health Directive." Mr Kavanagh, Co Carlow
"If it were not for Kingsbridge Hospital and the treatment received from my consultant and his team, I would to this day be unable to drive in the evening. Thanks to the fabulous people who looked after me." Ms Moyles , Co Meath
"Very, very good. It was quick and I had my operation done in a month. The people at the Cross Border Health office in the HSE were so helpful and friendly. I had my money refunded in a short space of time. Hopefully you will carry on the good work. Thank-you" Ms McDonagh , Co Kildare
"I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Kingsbridge Hospital. The Care and the attention was above expectations. All the staff were very friendly and courteous. The meals from the kitchen were excellent." Mr Sheridan, Co Dublin
"Positive thanks to Kingsbridge administration team, they helped with all forms and guided me through every step of the way and met me at my appointment. Nothing was too much for them, can’t thank you enough." Ms Butler, Co Dublin
"My experience of attending Kingsbridge hospital was really fantastic. My operation went really well and I am now free from pain. Doctors, nurses and staff were really kind and professional, I could not give them enough praise. I can now plan on going on a holiday with my family and not being a burden on them having to link me around and I can leave the walking stick at home. Thanks be to god and to the Doctors and staff at Kingsbridge Hospital." Ms Kenny, Co Longford
"Kingsbridge were very helpful and guided me through the process and paper work. The procedure I had worked 100% and the care I got from all the doctors and nurses was first class." Mr Donnelly, Co Louth

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